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I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your MiniCam USB2 camera. When I first started buying the cameras for our clients, it was as a low-cost addition to their expensive fiber optic systems. Some of them were so impressed, they returned the high cost cameras and got a few extra MiniCam cameras! The image quality and ease-of-use are an unbeatable combination, and the low price is exactly what we were looking to find. We'll be recommending these cameras to all of our clients.
Lorne Lavine, DMD
Dental Technology Consultants

"...Other systems were offered, none as comprehensive as V.D.C.'s nor as impressive with regard to image quality. these systems ranged from a low of $5,000 to a high of $19,000 more than your complete system. From my point of view, there is no other camera system in any price range that competes with QuickCam."
Richard E. DeForno, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.

"Last month I purchased an intraoral camera from Video Dental Concepts. www.videodental.com
I purchased the compact OraCam MMC and used a standard flatscreen as a monitor. This is one awesome unit. I have had many other brand name cameras and this one blows them away. It connects directly to a computer flatscreen (no computer needed), clear image, small, and stores pictures on a memory card for transport or later use. Awesome support and customer service. I highly recommend. Best of all, being direct, the price is GREAT! Check them out. "
John Sherwood, D.M.D.
Palmerton, PA

"...Thank you for the excellent customer service in taking care of my needs.
You are a pleasure to do business with!!"
Michael Gusar, D.M.D., P.C.
184 Oxford Street N
Auburn, MA 01501
Tele: (508) 832-3205
Fax: (508) 832-8906

The big guns are Digital Doc, Dentsply Accucam, Air Techniques Vista Cam,
Cygnus ( Progeny), Video Dental ( ask for Claude), Spectra Vu ( a new model
with both USB and a Compact Flash card), Schick USB and many more.

So have fun looking at the products.

I've had no experience w/ any of the other vendors, but have been dealing
w/ Claude (he's the boss) @ Video Dental for years. Small enough company
for very personal attention, very good support, etc. Highly recommend

No interest, FWIW, etc...

Dr. Barry Tisdale
Bangor, MI

Dr. Henry E. Kraski, DDS, FICOI, FACOI & Dr. Fredrick W. Costello, DDS, MAGD offer services with an emphasis on restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Costello is also an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and is President-Elect of the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (FACD). He has also published several articles in Dentistry Today. Centrally located in beautiful Ormond Beach, Florida, their facility is a stunning blend of class and traditional charm. Drs. Kraski & Costello have been in practice together since 1984 and collectively bring 65 years of dedicated service to the people of Volusia County.
Their seven (7) operatory practice is designed to meet all the needs of the dental practitioners as well as their staff, ever mindful of the comfort, health and safety of their patients. Equipped with QuickCam DDS and QuickRay Digital Radiography in each room, each patient that walks through the door can expect to receive the highest level of dental care available. Using Caesy Patient Education reinforces the treatment options.
Drs. Kraski & Costello have this to say about the importance of integrating Video Dental Concept’s technology into their practice:
“It is wonderful to be able to show patients what is going on in their mouth rather than to try and explain it to them using dental terms considered a foreign language to most patients.”
“We consider intraoral photo documentation a vital part of our treatment protocol. Patients are both excited and motivated when they can see and thus better understand why we recommend the treatment appropriate for them.”
“They love seeing the before and after views and are often excited to share that with their family.” “We cannot imagine doing implant surgery or endodontics without QuickRay Digital X-Ray.”

I’ve been a proud user of the RetroPan X-ray machine for about a year and a half and the results have been excellent! The machine was brand new, and the sensor was custom fitted to the unit on the spot. My staff and I also received professional service and excellent training. Instant images are easy to read, and it’s convenient to darken, lighten, magnify or share these images with specialists or insurance companies via email. I strongly recommend inquiring about RetroPan.”
Dr. Ziyad Maali, DMD

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