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Here you can find instruction manuals and drivers for your product. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section before you give us a call. Many typical questions are answered in there.All of the manuals are in PDF format and can be opened using Adobe Reader. If you do not have Acrobat reader, you can download this program free of charge. Click on the yellow icon labled as "Get Adobe Reader".

Only use this when asked to by our technicians.

Video Demonstrations:
Setting up a Discovery Center for the first time (3.78 mb)
How to put on a disposable sleeve onto a Discovery Camera (3.94 mb)
How to put on a disposable sleeve onto an Einstein Camera (3.94 mb)

Discovery Camera Manual
Discovery Center Manual
Discovery Receiver Manual
Discovery USB Receiver Manual
Valucam Manual
How-To set Time/Date on Discovery Link Receiver SD and Discovery Center
Discovery Center Remote Manuals ( Version 1, Version 2)
Discovery Link Remote Manuals (Version 1, Version 2)
Discovery SD Remote Manual
Discovery Link Composite: For TV Use
Discovery USB Link Manual for 2820 Driver
IMAGE Software Installation Guide
Extraoral Camera User Manual

Drivers & Updates
Discovery Link USB Driver 2820 for Windows XP SP2 (9.2 MB)
Discovery Link USB Driver 2820 for Windows Vista (3.07 MB)
AMCAP Testing Program (35 KB)

MyRay Wireless Sensor Firmware Update version 2.0.555 (574 KB)
*Do not download unless instructed to by our Technical Support team.


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