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Co-Founder of RF America!

Claude Berthoin
RF America is not a Dental company.  Instead it is a Brand once established by Claude Berthoin (Video Dental Concepts) and Stanley Lau (Integrated Dental Solutions) while the two were exclusive distributors of RF SYSTEM lab Japan (2004-2007). 



The two partners have separated since late 2007 and run their own business. 
You are viewing the RF AMERICA Brand of products currently owned by Video Dental Concepts, a 21 year leader
and pioneer in the field of Intraoral Cameras and Dental Imaging.  Video Dental Concepts is the uncontested innovator and the only remaining Manufacturer and distributor of Intraoral Cameras from the early pioneers in that field.
Video Dental Concepts has provided products and service to over 10,000 clients throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America and worldwide.
Additionally, Claude Berthoin, the Co-Founder is a recognized Dental consultant for other Dental Manufacturer in the field of FDA and other regulatory matters, and has assisted numerous
companies worldwide to design and market their high-tech products to the United States. Clients have included Trophy, Sopro, Owandy, Sometech, CoolBlu, RF SYSTEM Lab, Visiodent,
DentalEye, Image Level, Duphamed, Myray and many others.

Beginning in 2008, the RF AMERICA VDC Brand was launched in partnership with factoriesd in Mainland China, and South Korea.   Current products include DiscoveryUltra and Discovery Plus.  These products are not to be confused with products called DiscoveryCam 2 and sold by Integrated Dental Solutions, Inc. 

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